How to Create Heart Eye Emoji Oreo Pops
What you will need:
● A Dozen Oreos (double stuffed is preferred but completely optional)
● A Dozen Popsicle Sticks
● Yellow melting chocolates
● Sugar Hearts (for decoration)
● Squeeze Tube Black food coloring

This recipe will yield around sixteen Heart Eye Emoji Oreo pops.

Step 1
Combine all yellow melting chocolates wafers into one medium sized microwavable bowl. It is best to microwave these wafers on high for a duration of thirty second increments. During these increments the wafers should be thoroughly stirred to prevent overheating and burning. Continue microwaving the chocolate wafers until they are fully melted into a smooth consistency.

Step 2
Once the yellow chocolate wafers have been thoroughly melted, you will then need to twist open each cookie to ready them for their lollipop sticks. In order to attach the lollipop sticks to the emoji Oreos you will first need to dip the lollipop stick tip into the yellow melting chocolate and then press it into the very center of the Oreo cream filling. Then follow by spreading an extremely thin layer of the yellow melted chocolate over the top of the inner cream filling. Finish the lollipop by adhering the cookies together. Attach the top part of the cookie over the lollipop stick pressing gently to adhere them securely together. This method will allow the cookies to stay firmly together during dipping and decoration. Repeat this step until all of the lollipop Oreo emojis are adhered together. Once finished place each Oreo lollipop in the refrigerator for five to ten minutes until the yellow chocolate has set.

Step 3
Create Heart Eye Emoji Oreo Pops This next step may call for a brief reheating of the yellow chocolate coating. All one needs to do is microwave the chocolate mixture again until it is fluid and smooth. After the mixture has regained its smooth texture - it is now time to dip the entire cookie lollipop into the chocolate until it is completely and evenly coated. A pro tip is to hold the cookie over the top of the bowl until all of the excess yellow coating has dropped off and back into its original container. Once the cookie is coated to your liking it is time to place the dipped cookie onto a wax baking sheet.

Step 4
It is now time to press the two sugar heart eye candies onto the lollipop before the yellow chocolate coating on the cookie has completely dried. These red sugar eyes will represent the heart eye smiley face emoji. Repeat this process until every single one of the emoji lollipops have been completed with the two decorative sugar eyes. Follow this step by placing the waxed tray into the refrigerator for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Step 5
Once the yellow chocolate coating of the emoji lollipops has completely dried it is time to add the mouth. Utilize a squeeze tube food coloring to now paint on the mouth of your emoji lollipop to finish it off. You may add a closed or open smile to each pop - it is personally up to you as it is your finished creation. One pro tip is to make sure each pop has completely dried before severing.

Step 6
These amazing Oreo chocolate lollipops keep surprisingly well and can be stored for several weeks at a time. Just make sure they are kept in an airtight container at room temperature until they are ready to be gifted or served. For an added bit of flair you can wrap each pop individually in a plastic bag and top it off with a festive ribbon. People love to receive these spectacular and delicious lollipops as valentines presents, birthday gifts, and/or party favors. No matter how you serve these trendy and tasty pops they are sure to be a crowd favorite.