This is a craft that older kids will love. This is not origami for kids because there is some cutting involved. It does though fall into the origami category. Kids really love the no glue element of these books. Most children can manage them. You can use a little glue for decorating books but if you really want to make it no glue you can just pick a design that requires only a black pen. You can make square notebooks from rectangular ones and they are perfect for an emoji notebook do-it-yourself.

Emoji Notebook DIY Materials
One A4 sheet of yellow paper
Black pen

There a lot of emoji characters that have only black features which can be easily added to the yellow or red paper.

Optional materials
Pink, red and white paper
Glue stick

Emoji Notebook - How To

Once you've made one you will find you want to make a lot more is really quite addictive.
The whole idea of making the emoji's for whenever you have different feelings and using different books to writing and express yourself is a lot of fun.