It’s just unbelievable, but Emoji are everywhere! And, of course, many kids are looking forward to having an Emoji party. If yours are begging for one in this article you will find great ideas how to throw an Emoji party that not only kids, but also their parents will love. How to Throw an Emoji Party Invintations

Emoji Party Invitations
Of course, the easiest thing you could do is just send an invitation with lots of Emoji on it by email. But for the creative folks we offer some cool ideas.
If you love DIY projects, consider creating an ingenious Emoji party invitation. The process is really simple: upload the basic face template into PicMonkey or Canva, and then layer your own type over the top.
Or you may search the Internet for transparent Emoji PNG images, then upload a grid of Emoji icons and print it out on card stock.

Emoji Party Treats and Food Ideas
No Emoji party would be complete without special treats. Let’s begin with the healthier options first to be followed by the desserts. The food ideas for an Emoji party are nearly endless. You can serve anything from easy to make DIY Emoji cheese treats to mini Emoji pizza bagels. You can even offer kids to cut their own faces out of the pepperoni, and preparing food will become a fun party activity in itself.
Since there are lots of Emoji that represent healthy foods that most children love to eat, such as a variety of fruit, including pineapple, watermelon, corn on the cob, cherries, strawberries, grapes and peaches, you can easily serve the fruit. Just make sure you attach the appropriate Emoji on a white place card your guests will find near great Emoji themed healthy party treats.
For the dessert you can serve a variety of simple finger food. You can cut the Jell-O into hearts which is really hard to do or just consider buying some readymade heart gummi candies.
Also kids are sure to love Emoji Marzipops, artisanal lollipops from an Etsy shop specializing in them. Cute and exquisite Emoji sugar cookies can be expensive but you can make your own then and kids can get engaged in making them too.
If you use these Emoji Cookie Cutters from 3D Printing N Supplies cooking homemade emoji cookies will be easy and fun. After baking the cookies, just give the kids a Wilton edible Food Writer pen so they could draw their favorite Emoji images on top of them.
If you plan to finish the party with a cake make sure it is the round shape just perfect for yellow topping complete with an Emoji face of your choice.
By the way, Emoji is not only smiling yellow happy faces but also a great number of cute icons to choose from. So both kids and adults are sure to love these Emoji hearts confetti sprinkles from Simply Baking Supplies. You may bake multicolored heart cookies in a variety of colors. Finally we recommend serving the fruity Emoji Cocktail as a special drink for the adults.

How to Throw an Emoji Party Decoration

Emoji Party Activities and Decorations
Since Emoji graphics is pretty simple there is a great choice of easy to make Emoji party decorations and tons of fun party activities. Below are some ideas for inspiration.

Consider making these DIY emoji balloons or even best let the kids decorate their own during the party. Just bring many yellow balloons (not mylar) and cut out some simple shapes or just use Sharpies. You may hand out instructions on how to draw emoji so kids have a template to follow.

Making an Emoji Party Banner is a fun activity both kids and adults are sure to enjoy! You will need to prepare construction paper templates and pass them out so the kids would make their own. After that string them all up and get a photo of the handiwork and all the guests.

You can either purchase an Emoji piñata or make your own.

An Emoji Twister board is going to be a real hit on any party, plus it is extremely easy to make. Kids are sure to enjoy the activity!

Making Emoji temporary tattoos is another great activity that guarantees tons of fun for kids and their parents alike.

All children love making some fun stuff and then eating it. So get the kids to decorate their own gumballs, macarons, cupcakes, etc. using edible food pens from Wilton or Americolor available at Amazon.

How to Throw an Emoji Party - Emoji Frame

If you or one of your friends who is going to be present at the party are good at painting why not try face painting as a fun and engaging activity for kids. You can find many Emoji face paint tutorials in the Internet and choose the one that matches your taste and skills.

These days it’s hard to imagine a kids’ party without a photo booth. All you need to do is find cute Emoji photo booth props. You will also need Emoji photo frames to print the snapshots right away, or send them to guests later as a thoughtful party favor. You can even make them personalized with your child’s birthday and date, or just write THANKS FOR COMING!

Consider getting a pack of paper photo frame cards and get kids to decorate their own with Emoji stickers. You can later send your party guests a big group photo to include in their frames.

Having coloring pages around at any party is a must as it is a number one activity for those kids who need some quiet time. Also coloring pages can be used to gather everyone around the table together. So consider printing some black and white Emoji coloring pages for kids to color with markers or crayons.

Planning your Emoji party make sure you prepare PDF files of the Emoji icons. You may print them out to use as a party decoration or as a creative photo booth background, for example.