Birthdays or Christmas are the times of the year when we all need to turn our creativity on and pick fun and meaningful gifts for our loved ones. Social media rules these days, so there is little surprise that emoji pillows are ever so popular. Emoticons are great with pictures, but they can be used for so much more – decoration, mood, and gifts.

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Emoji pillows will add a personal touch to any room - living space, bedroom or guest room. The cushions will tell a lot about the personality of the owner and the current mood. Most pillows are yellow and brighten the room, but there also are brown, rainbow, and white color emoji decorations.

The cushions are mainly used for decoration and fun, but they can also serve as real pillows. They are pretty small, so you’ll need a few to be comfortable. They are made from standard decorative pillow material – polypropylene and other mostly synthetic fabrics. Shoppers should beware of low quality materials and always find out the size to save themselves from major disappointments. Read the pillow descriptions before buying and make sure the size is right.

Here is a list of ten most popular emoji pillows you can purchase at Target today:

►1. EVZ Smiley heart eyes emoji emoticon yellow round cushion stuffed plush soft pillow (32 cm)

This emoji pillow is great for places where there is love –young couple’s home, child’s room, or a retired family’s room. The smiley face with heart eyes is sure to bring joy to everybody, whether you are buying it for yourself or giving it as a gift. It will look equally good in a living room and in the bedroom.

Emoji pillowsThe cushion is made of high quality material, is lint-free and suitable to be used as a pillow. It feels soft to touch and does not smell. If handled with care, the pillow will last for a very long time because polypropylene is known to be durable. Use it as a head or a lap pillow, because round shape accommodates both.

►2. Lady nerd face emoji pillow emoticon cushion plush toy

The lady nerd emoji is very cute and is another popular one. After all, who doesn’t have that slightly nerdy friend to be reminded of? The pillow is great for decorating and for sleeping because it lint-free.

This cushion is appealing to kids and looks great in their rooms. The material is plush and works great for added comfort while watching TV or for those long reading hours. The pillow looks great as a sofa decoration or as a lovable lap cushion.

►3. Yinggg poop emoji plush pillow round cushion toy

As the name suggests, the pillow is a fun toy for a humorous person to display in his or her living space. The decorative cushion is plush and lint-free, so can be used all over the house for different purposes. This product might be offensive to some people, so make sure you really know the person you’re giving it to.

The bright smile lightens the mood of this very well socially known symbol. After all, how often do we want to express ourselves like that after a long day at work?

The pillow is made of high quality materials and doesn’t produce any obnoxious odors. You can use this product at your own home or gift it to a friend – the pillow is great for head and back support. Kids love a good poop conversation and this pillow can definitely serve as a fun conversation starter.

This emoticon is used to make people laugh, so keep it on your couch and get a good laugh every time you are passing by it or when friends come over – it’ll be a hit.

►4. Yiwula amusing emoji emoticon cushion rainbow poop shape pillow

This is another example of the fun such pillow can bring to any room. This pile of poo is even merrier because it sports all the colors of the rainbow. Every little girl would be happy to have one in her bedroom.

Just like the brown version, this cushion is made of high quality plush material and offers great back and head support. The unique design is universally acceptable for comfort. Use it for leaning while watching TV or take it on long trips to rest on.

The pillow is small enough to be enjoyed by kids and can be easily carried around for all the fun jokes.

►5. WEP dog puppy emoji pillow smiley emoticon cushion stuffed colorful plush toy

This cushion is yet another great example when toy easily merges into a decoration. This dog pillow is often used by kids as a toy that doubles as a pillow for nap times.

The pillow is made of high quality cotton and is stuffed with plush material, so it works really well for natural lifestyle lovers. The fabric does not produce lint or odor – sleep on it all night long worry-free. Kids can use this cushion for head or elbow support while watching TV or as a back pillow for traveling. This accessory can also be used as a neck support for plane trips and even become IPad holder – use this cool pillow for yourself or gift it to somebody and it will definitely be a hit!

►6. WEP poop princess emoji plush pillow pink

This is a third poop pillow on our list – that is a great indication of how popular they really are. This pile of poo is pink and fit for a princess with a crown.

Emoji pillows at TargetThe cushion is destined to offer some laughs and talk about it once noticed in the room. Get it for yourself and lighten the mood for all your visitors. The pillow is as suitable for kids as it is for adults. Lean on it while watching TV or drift to a dreamland while sleeping on it.

The pillow is cute and will make any recipient happy – a friend or your own kid.

►7. Q’s emoji smiley kiss emoticon yellow round cushion (32 cm/13 in)

This expressive pillow is full of positive emotions and high quality polypropylene plush stuffing. It will bring comfort and good mood to any home.

The round design and small size makes this cushion a great choice for traveling and home design. It looks great in kids’ rooms and on every sofa. The decoration is easy to clean and very durable. It is also comfortable for head and back support. Display it in your living room for added cuteness and warmth or let your kids have fun with it – it will be a wonderful addition to your home.

►8. Yinggg mini emoji cushion pillow, set of 8

These pillows are smaller than all other emoji cushions above. All eight of them have cute designs and faces printed on them. They are great for sharing among kids and for taking on trips. Cushions are small enough to fit in backpacks and luggage.

The pillows are eye-catching and soft. In addition to home decoration, they can be used as backpack adornment or toys for trading and collecting. The pillows are safe for all – no odor or lint.

►9. Li&Hi emoji smiley emoticon yellow round cushion pillow dazed (32 cm)

This medium size pillow is perpetually dazed and confused. Just like most other cushions, it is made of high quality polypropylene. In addition to this expression, shoppers can choose a sleeping or blushing face or get all three.

This decoration can also be used as a toy for kids. Its convenient size allows it to be taken on trips or to school for nap time. Display the pillow in any room and bring plenty of laughs.

►10. 14” emoji pillow set of 12 assorted emojis

This set is the biggest emoticon pillow set and has something for everybody. You’ll find every emotion under the sun – from happy to confused and sad. These cushions are larger, so all of them together will occupy significantly cute space in any room of your choice.

The pillows are soft, durable, and can be used for multiple purposes. Kids will love them at home or while traveling.