You can use emoji's and text based emoticons on Facebook when you personally insert your messages. Facebook comes with many options for inserting text and image-based characters into your communication. There are a variety of formats that can make your personalization of your posts and entertaining activity. There are several new sets you can install on the Facebook shop.

Status updates
How to Make Emoji on Facebook While you're writing a status update, a set of toolbar icons will display beneath the text input area. These icons provide each a different function. The icon for inserting an emoji symbol is a smiley face. Once you have composed your message, click the smiley face icon and select from the option list. If you select from the feeling option within select one of the emoticons that reflects your current mood. These options exist for using icons to inform others when you are traveling, watching a movie, drinking, eating or other activities.

Facebook messaging system
This messaging system provides an advanced functionality for using emoticons. When you're composing a message you can select the smiley face icon and click on one of the tabs to select a category of emoticons. You can also click on the shopping basket icon to install additional emoticons from this Sticker Store. There are sets of emoticons that are free. Once you install a new set you can select the tab and sort through the available icons defined in emoticon that best reflects your mood or intention.

Messenger App
On a mobile device, you can use the Facebook messenger app to send messages to your friends and you don't have to log into Facebook. This Facebook Messenger app works the same way as the full websites-messaging component. Emoji characters though that have been installed on the Facebook website don't automatically appear in the messenger app. When you compose a message using the app you need to select the smiley face icon and choose an emoticon from a list of available options. You can always install additional icons by clicking on the shopping basket and select and download any of those you want to install.

Photo Captions
Photo captions don't support any image-based emoticons. You can place them in the common area linked to each photo but you need to use a traditional text based emoticon to include one in the description. Hundreds of text-based images exist and you can use a special character keyboard and copy and paste the text based images from other websites or applications.

Operating System Keyboards
If you're using Windows 8.1 you can enable an emoji keyboard to assert the characters. You enable the keyboard by right clicking on the taskbar. Then select Toolbars and click the Touch Keyboard option. Click the keyboard icon in the system tray and select the :-) or a list of emoji icons. On Mac OS X Mavericks press the Command-Option-Space keys on the keyboard and click the smiling face and choose from a list of emoji's.