Valentines day can be one of those holidays that even single people can actually look forward to. It can be a Friday night when one is drinking wine and eating chocolate on the couch and pink pajamas while watching movies.
Here is a brief history of some Valentine days traditions

Elementary school
Receiving gifts for Valentine's Day cat is similar to Santa. The pink Little Tykes vanity can become scratched due to the mystical Valentine's Day cat.

Drinking cheap red wine and baking sprinkles cupcakes is a classic. That leftover cake left in the sorority-housing refrigerator with a note attached: eat this and I'll kill you is reminiscent of days gone by.

How to Make Emoji Sugar Cookies Baking hello Kitty shaped cookies and icing them until your fingers go numb.

Emoji cookies. These can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. Anyone who is a non-Baker can enjoy baking and emoji cookies.
Start with a great sugar cookie recipe. Sally's Baking Addictions to Cut out sugar cookies is a great one along with the icing recipe. They will taste like your grandmother's homemade cookies.
Once you have refrigerated the dough and rolled it out as a medium-size circle cookie-cutter.
While the cookies are baking prepare the sugar cookie icing. For the emoji face color, add one big drop of yellow food coloring and then one very tiny drop of red to get a yellowish orange.
Spread the icing family over the cookies. You can pipe the icing around the outside of the cookie first so that it doesn't drip over the edge of the cookie but really who has time for that? Simply wipe around the edges.

Draw on the faces with your icing.
There are premade cookie-icing bags that one can use to pipe if you choose. They seem to dry hard and it's difficult to draw straight lines. Another option is to use the end of a paintbrush to spread out the icing into the shape of a heart.
There is also smaller and gel icing which is easier to draw straight lines but similar to oil paint it never really dries. Be careful when you put saran wrap over the cookies.
To create rosy cheeks you can use pearl dust from Michael's and apply it to the cookies with a Q-tip. With the end of the Q-tips of the pearl just properly sticks.
There you have it adorable emotion cookies that are perfect for friends, coworkers, and boyfriends.