There is a great range of emojis from hearts and arrows to playing cards, a variety of international symbols, religious symbols, shapes, and more. Browse the huge selection for your amusement and read what they mean.

Popular Emoji Symbols - Red HeartRed Heart
Officially referred to as "Black" heart it is typically displayed as a red or sometimes pink heart. Red and pink are the colors traditionally associated with a heart, mostly because the human heart is red. People used the symbol of a heart to reveal the feeling of love. It is also the symbol for Valentine's Day and means love, passion, and romance. The biggest confusion is in its official name, a "black heart". A black heart traditionally means death, evil, or lack of love. But now this emoji is mostly used as a red heart. Like most other popular emojis this one was part of the proprietary emoji set that was first introduced by Japanese carriers such as Softbank. This emoji became part of the Apple iPhone beginning with iOS 2.2 as an unlockable feature on devices offered for sale in English speaking countries. In iOS 5 / OSX 10.7, the underlying code generated by the Apple OS for this emoji was changed.

Popular Emoji Symbols - Broken Heart Broken Heart
Love that has become unhappy, it means that someone "broke my heart".

Popular Emoji Symbols - Two HeartsTwo Hearts
Since a heart symbolizes love two pink or red hearts, one larger and the other smaller, emphasize the intensity of the feeling of love. So in situations when one heart isn't enough, consider using two hearts! This symbol is associated with a mommy and a baby heart. This is so sweet, really.

Popular Emoji Symbols - Heart with ArrowHeart with Arrow
This emoji means being hopelessly in love. It symbolizes love hit with Cupid's arrow.

Popular Emoji Symbols - No EntryNo Entry
Of course, getting no entry emoji is not good. If someone sent it to you it means that the person is either off line or doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Popular Emoji Symbols - No SmokingNo Smoking
Probably you have often noticed a sign with a lit cigarette and a "no" symbol on it. It indicates that smoking is not allowed at this place. Smoking is a really bad habit that has a negative impact on a person’s health: it can cause lung cancer, heart disease and many other health problems. So you had better stay away!

Popular Emoji Symbols - Recycling SymbolRecycling Symbol
This icon was supposed to be black but Apple made it green. It means that the product was made from recycled materials and is environmentally friendly.

Popular Emoji Symbols - Diamond with a DotDiamond with a Dot
This symbol stands for something cute, adorable, and pretty. This emoji is rarely used and is often misunderstood.

Popular Emoji Symbols - Baby SymbolBaby Symbol
This is just a baby! As a rule babies are often associated with crawling and diapers.

Popular Emoji Symbols - Wheelchair SymbolWheelchair Symbol
This icon on a blue background represents a disabled person in a wheelchair.