Android Kika Emoji Keyboard ►1 Kika Emoji Keyboard
The PlayStore claims that the Kika Emoji Keyboard application is one of their top reviewed emoji icon keyboards available. Its user experience has been reported to be extremely simple yet intuitive. Not to mention, the application itself offers hundreds of emojis, stickers, GIFs, key sounds, and clip arts. However, the best part about the Kika Emoji Keyboard is that the entire application is free.

Android Stickyme Free Selfie Emoji ►2 Stickyme Free Selfie Emoji
The Stickyme Free Selfie Emoji Android application is unique as it allows you to make your own emojis out of personal selfies. With over sixty different decorative stickers to choose from it will be hard to run out of hilarious selfie possibilities. Keep in mind that the entire sticker collection is not free and you will need pay to gain access to some of the library options.

Android Emojidon Smileys ►3 Emojidon Smileys
Emojidon Smileys is not an Android exclusive application as it is available on iOS as well but it is mentioned here because of the kingdom of smileys it offers. Emojidon provides over four thousand hilarious HD smiley emojis to choose from and has received thousands of positive reviews from its users. The Emojidon Smileys application is initially free but does require purchases if you would like to gain access to its expansion packs.

Android Sms Rage Faces ►4 Sms Rage Faces
The SMS Rage Faces is a cool application as it lets you utilize your very own face to build an emoji or meme. Not to mention, the application has a library of over three thousand faces to choose from in either sticker, GIF, or emoji form. You will never be short of emojis with this application.

Android Emoji CoolSymbols Keyboard ►5 Emoji CoolSymbols Keyboard
The best part of the CoolSymbols Keyboard application is that you are able to fast input more than three thousand stickers or emojis as you conveniently text your friends and family. Not to mention, the entire application is free and sports an eye candy design that is meant to impress. However, the best part about the Emoji CoolSymbols Keyboard is that it is not restricted to one language - it actually supports several common world languages to provide users an optimum experience.

Android Emoji Keyboard Pro ►6 Emoji Keyboard Pro
Emoji Keyboard Pro is a customizable, fully functional keyboard that provides with you over a thousand built in emojis. Plus, the application is compatible with almost all messaging systems. Say goodbye to searching for emojis and GIFs to suit your messages and say hello to Emoji Keyboard Pro.

Android Imoji ►7 Imoji
Unlike the other applications discussed in this list, Imoji is a stand alone application full of fun imoji stickers. Imoji is a play off of the original emoji spelling and is a great place to discover new, never seen before emojis. The application is great because it also allows you to create your own customizable stickers using pictures from your Android advice. Keep in mind that you only be able to send these awesome emojis from the Imoji app alone.

Android SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji ►8 SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji
The Swiftkey Keyboard + Emoji is a inbuilt plugin solely dedicated for emoji icons. This app also features learning capabilities and will begin to suggest emojis to you as you type certain popular words and phrases. Plus, the application is completely free from the Android PlayStore.

Android Al.Type Emoji Keyboard Plugin ►9 Al.Type Emoji Keyboard Plugin
The Al.Type Emoji Keyboard Plugin is a smart and extremely popular keyboard that offers a large variation of emoji themes and the ever coveted context aware feature. With more than eight hundred emojis and one thousand graphical characters to choose from - you will find this application endless fun as its suggests icons to go along with your favorite words and phrases. This emoji plugin is free in the Android PlayStore.

Android ►10 Sliding Emoji Keyboard
The Sliding Emoji Keyboard may still be in its trial stages but it is proving to be a favorite with its smoothly functioning interface and large emoji library to select original icons from. The best part about this new application is that it can work on any operating system from Android to Google to Apple iOS. Thus, it does not matter what operating system the user you are sending to utilizes as they will see the awesome emoji regardless of the brand of SmartPhone you are sending from. Display on each operating system has been proven to be successful and free of errors.