The Top 10 Emoji Apps For the Apple iPhone ►1 KeyMoji
KeyMoji is a great app for utilizing crowdsourced emojis. Not to mention, the application is updated with each new emoji set release. However, the apps top feature is that it includes an emoji dictionary explaining what each and every emojis means. Thus, if you are a new user - you will never be left confused on which emoji icon to use.

►2 Emoji++
Emoji++ is a plentiful application as it hosts thousands of scrollable emojis. So, not matter what mood you are in - you will find an emoji to express it. Perhaps the apps best feature is its favorites library where it allows you to create a compilation of all of your favorite and most utilized emojis.

►3 Adult Emoji Icons
Adult Emoji Icons is a very special app geared towards adults only. This application’s library includes 700 flirty, sexual, and angry emoji icons among many others. But don’t get the wrong idea, the Adult Emoji Icons app does not contain any emojis with violence or sex but rather a large range of conversation emojis only fit for those of an appropriate age.

►4 Emoji Free
The Emoji Free application is a highly favored app as it is absolutely free, of course. Emoji Free contains a large library of simple, cartoony emojis and is rather easy to use. From time to time the creators even throw in holiday themed icons.

►5 Imoji
Imoji is a unique emoji application as it allows the users to create their very own personal emoji set. You may draw or create any emoji image of your choosing. The application does provide a few pre made stickers to help you get your creation started but otherwise the emoji creation is all up to you. Plus, the app works well with almost any messaging system.

►6 Roxie
Roxie is not a feminine application despite its appearance. Roxie is an accomplished application that offers a huge range of emojis as well as stickers. The key feature of this app is that it will learn your emoji style and begin to offer you emojis that it believes will suit your personality best. A smart app Roxie is indeed.

►7 SMS Rage Faces
The SMS Rage Faces is a cool application as it lets you utilize your very own face to build an emoji or meme. Not to mention, the application has a library of over three thousand faces to choose from in either sticker or emoji form. You will never be short of emojis with this application.

►8 Swiftkey Keyboard + Emoji
Swiftkey Keyboard + Emoji is a compilation of the Swiftkey Keyboard and amusement of the standardized emoji set. Although standardized, the Swiftkey Keyboard + Emoji app contains hundreds of emojis ranging in size and shape. Plus, the Swiftkey Keyboard allows you type a word like say ‘bear’ and the Bear emoji icon will pop up in the suggestion selection area to utilize instantly if desired.

►9 Emoji
The Emoji icon is one of the world’s most popular emoji applications as over forty-five million users have downloaded the application. The app itself features hundreds of stickers and emojis with expansions occurring constantly.

►10 Emojivo
Emojivo is unique as it allows you to search its library via words and/or phrases. Give it a go by typing in your favorite phrase and it will offer you a variety of awesome emojis that it believes coincides with the saying at hand. As a beginner, the Emojivo application will come in handy as it teaches you which emojis are popularly related with each word or common phrase.